Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Ducks reunited

ducks Oct 15 2

One of my friends recently asked me if I had a spare drake for his 4 ducks. As it turned out, we had 4 drakes, one of which we felt was surplus, and 8 ducks. We had planned to slaughter one of the drakes but had left it too long. We then decided he would be a bit too old to eat. So he was given a stay of execution. The problem was he was a bit aggressive. The result was that the other birds with which he was hatched followed him as a separate group of 6. The older group of 6, which included his parent (not that they were aware of that as they were incubator hatched) stayed together as a separate group as well.

What an amazing transformation since removing the aggressive drake two weeks ago. The two groups have united to form one. And they wander around the plot together. It's amazing how the removal of just one bird can completely change the social dynamics of the entire group.

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