Monday, 21 November 2016

Building a goat paddock

goat paddock Nov 16 2

Now that we have decided to keep Spotless, the billy goat born in June, we need to build him a separate paddock to hold him when the other goats are in heat. This is easier said than done as the only area that we can sensibly use is littered with branches which had previously been fed to the goats. They ate the leaves and twigs but the branches themselves are waiting to be chopped into firewood. This is taking much longer than expected so we are now having to spend a great deal of time simply sawing wood. At the end of each day we look at the piles of firewood which are noticeably bigger yet the amount of branches still waiting chopping seem to look the same. At least at the end of this exercise we will have lots of firewood.

goat paddock Nov 16 1

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