Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ducking the issue

We got our ducks in early September last year and in October, one of them started laying. She turned out to be very productive, producing an egg nearly every day. By late October, a second had started laying. For two days in a row in November, two eggs were laid. But then the 2nd duck stopped producing eggs other than an occasional one. Why she went on a go slow, we don't know. The good news now is that for the past three days, we have had two eggs a day and I'm hoping this is a sign that either the second duck, or one of the ducklings that has gone past point-of-lay, has gone into full production.

Meanwhile, production from our hens has gone up. We have, over the past week, been getting on average 12 a day. Two months ago, the average was down to 6 a day. Progress at last!

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