Thursday, 14 February 2013

Speaking on the BBC

I had a phone call from BBC Radio Mersey today asking me to do an interview on their drive time show about what people ate during the years of wartime rationing. They had picked up on the work I did in 2011 on the wartime diet. What kicked off their interest was the on-going saga of horsemeat in various beef products. So I agreed to do the interview and shortly before 5pm they phoned me back. The interview went out live. The interviewer was especially keen to ask about mock foods. He also made a reference to the BBC tv series, The Wartime Farm - I reviewed the book of the series last year. He finished by asking if I would be doing any more wartime cooking - to which the answer is definitely yes. We are also going to run my Dad's allotment as it would have been in the war years. Watch this space for more news on how we get on.

Anyway, here's the link to theinterview. I am on just over 56 minutes intot he programme:

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cripplewing said...

Looking forward to your wartime garden effort, I am really enjoying your blog and videos.Concise and to the point interview-well done.