Sunday, 10 February 2013

Roast lamb

We decided it was time to use some of the lamb we got last month - we swapped it for some of our pork with a friend who had just had her lambs slaughtered. So one of the leg joints came out of the freezer last night.. This evening we pierced the skin of the lamb with garlic and rosemary, both from our garden, and then seasoned it. The joint was roasted for half an hour for each 450g.

roast lamb Jan 13 1

roast lamb Jan 13 2

We also had artichoke puree with cream and egg (which helped to bind it together). We have lots of artichokes on the allotment. We discovered last year that it is better to dig them up and use them as they are needed. Last year we dug up the whole crop, stored it and them found the artichokes shrivelling up after just a couple of weeks.

artichoke puree in egg and cream Feb 13

roast lamb Jan 13 3

The final veg was potatoes in cream and herbs. Missing from the above photo is rosemary jelly I made recently, and, of course, the gravy, made from the meat juices.

And the final verdict? An excellent meal! The leftover lamb will be used to make a shepherd's pie later this week.

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elfriide tramm said...

do you mean these tubers as artichoke?

if yes, how do you prepare these. i have them, but they taste really..strange.. so i'd like to have to try some good&old recepies to be sure, do i like those or not.