Sunday, 10 February 2013

Recent preserves

It's amazing what you find in the freezer. We did a check of the contents of ours and found a load of fruit. So out it all came and I made various different preserves.

Sloe jelly Feb 13

Sloe jelly: the sloes were definitely not from last year. There was no sloe crop in our area in 2012 so the bag of sloes I found must have come from 2011. The apple crop failed last year so the apples I used to set the jelly came from our local fruit shop. They were selling off bags of apples for 50p. They were slightly misshapen. That's enough to make them very difficult to sell in this age when so much food is wasted if it doesn't look quite right.

Strawberry syrup Feb 13

Strawberry syrup: I had a stock of strawberry puree in the freezer which I had planned to use to make ice cream. Instead, I decided to make it into a syrup. It will be used on Tuesday, pancake day, to be sprinkled on our pancakes.

Rosemary jelly Feb 13

Rosemary jelly: this was made using fresh rosemary from the garden and some frozen apple. We've just tested it out on a roast leg of lamb (the lamb we swapped for some of our Tamworth pork last month).

Lemon curd Feb 13

Lemon curd: very nice! It's not made from the contents of the freezer but we were able to use up some of our eggs. The by-product is lemon marmalade, made from the leftover lemon skins. The marmalade is not yet made. The skins have gone into the freezer to occupy the space created by using the sloes, apples and strawberry puree.

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