Sunday, 17 February 2013

Shed building in the sun

Today was scheduled for one job, though a major one for us. The shed we bought last month needed to be built. We were helped by the weather. The day felt more like spring. Sunny and warm temperature also brough out our bees for the first time this year. The hens lent a helping hand (wing?) by invading the shed as we built it. They will take an interest in anything that is new. They also took an interest in my lunch box. I shouldn't have left off the lid. One hen stole one of my jam tarts and then got mobbed by the other hens. The jam tart itself was gone in seconds. I had better make some more (for our consumption, not for the hens!)

The shed is now built though there are a few jobs to do: glass into the windows, felt onto the roof and preservative painted onto it. These will be done on Sunday.

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