Thursday, 14 February 2013

Using leftovers - making a shepherd's pie

We used half the meat on the lamb leg joint we had in our Sunday dinner. I then removed the leftovers from the bone and these were then put through our mincer.

Minced lamb Feb 13

The mince was then used to make a shepherd's pie. This is the real deal, nothing like the mass-produced, ready-made meals on sale in the giant supermarkets. And of course, it contains real lamb (the traditional ingredient of a shepherd's pie) not horsemeat. We still have a few cabbages on the allotment so one of them was used with the shepherd's pie.

shepherd's pie Feb 13

The leg bone from the joint has not been wasted. It was boiled up this afternoon to make stock which I will use tomorrow to make tomato soup - I have some pulped tomotes in the freezer which started out life on a neighbouring allotment. We swapped eggs for them.

And just to make sure nothing is wasted, the bone, now that it has been used to make stock, will be roasted a number of times in the oven and then ground down to make bonemeal.


cripplewing said...

I'm impressed- making bonemeal. How do you grind the bone? I would like to try that.The meal looks delicious!

Jonathan Wallace said...

Roast the bones a few times in the oven. No need to put the oven on especially for this, just put them on a tray and roast them when the oven is in use for something else. Then wrap them in a cloth and smash them with a hammer or mallet. Then use a pestle and mortar to grind into powder.