Saturday, 20 July 2013

Another polytunnel

polytunnel Jul 13 2

The second of the new polytunnels is now installed on the allotment. Today it was planted out with more tomatoes, courgettes, marrows and gherkins, all of which had previously been in the greenhouse. A few cos lettuces went in as well. The polytunnel was built on a part of the allotment not previously cultivated. The ground there needed a great deal of preparation. I spent a week digging out a layer of sand and gravel that a previous tenant of the allotment for some unknown reason had dumped there. Manure and mud and silt from the pond were also added to the ground as well.

The other polytunnel, built in June, is now packed full of tomatoes that seem to be thriving there. I also have courgettes and peppers in it, plus an interesting experiment in growing ginger. I bought some root ginger a few weeks ago, forgot about it for a while and rediscovered it in time to find it sprouting. So we planted it into a pot and put it in the polytunnel. Tonight I found a shoot growing. So hopefully soon, we will have our first ginger crop.

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Anonymous said...

Would you please tell me where you bought your polytunnel and provide a link. Thanks. Sue