Monday, 22 July 2013

Our self-sufficient month approaches

roast lamb dinner July 13

We are planning to spend a month soon during which we will eat only the food we have grown ourselves, foraged for or traded for using our own food as currency. We do not have a specific start date yet but it is likely to be in early August. We are in what could be described as a transition stage at the moment in which we are switching to food mainly produced from our own sources. Yesterday, dinner was roast lamb (which we bought in January using some of our Tamworth pork), with potatoes and turnips from another allotment holder we bought using jam and honey. (See photo above.) A bit of honey was added to the turnips when they were cooked. The mint sauce was also made from our own mint.

Tonight we finished the vegetable and pheasant soup I made last week, the ingredients for which were all from our own sources.

I have a meeting tomorrow and I foolishly made a promise to make the lunch for all those attending. So they will be having Tamworth pork burgers, made by me.

I will be reporting on each day's food during the month but will also blog about how we are getting on in the run up to the month as well.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your self-sufficient month. I think we will aim for a self-sufficient week for now.