Friday, 26 July 2013

Invasion of the polytunnel no. 2

I'm not quite sure how they did it but for the second time I found the ducks in one of the polytunnels. They got in on Wednesday and did quite a bit of damage to the courgette plants. The tomatoes came off better though not unscathed. This is the second time the ducks have managed to get into the polytunnel and the courgettes had only just recovered from the first invasion. I was however beginning to think it was a mistake to put the courgettes in with the tomatoes as they were being completely overshadowed by them. So yesterday I dug out what was left of the courgettes and transplanted them into the raised bed that is protected from invasion by a net over a frame. They seemed to be okay this morning. The ground there however is bone dry. The heatwave has no end in sight and though the rest of the country has had some decent amounts of rainfall, we haven't. It will mean we will have to add this raised bed to our watering rota.

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