Thursday, 18 July 2013

Strutting his stuff

cockerel July 2013

This is the cockerel that was one of the seven chicks we hatched in March. His name is Malt Easter - it was chosen by kids at the Marley Hill craft market where we had a competition to come up with the best names for our chicks. He has grown at a remarkable pace and his comb and wattles are very impressive. I'm rather pleased with him. He's a beautiful bird and we are looking to show him. His first outing will be in September when he will be entered into the "best cockerel" competition at the Hurrocks Allotment Show in Swalwell, Gateshead.

He is, of course, already doing his stuff with the 19 hens. I even saw him taking on Atilla, one of the boss hens, this afternoon. When the hens from the batch of eggs from which he came start laying, we may hatch some of the eggs, though a final decision on that will be made in the future.

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