Thursday, 4 July 2013

Ducklings on the allotment

ducklings on allotment Jul 13 1

On Monday I moved the ducklings from the temporary run in the back garden to the allotment. My expectation was that they would immediately bond with the ducks there - they are after all the parents of the duclings. Something similar happened last year when we bought 3 ducks and 5 ducklings. When we put them onto the allotment they immediately formed a close knit group. Alas, this was not the outcome. Instead, the parents rejected the ducklings and chased them away. The ducklings now stay clear of the adults. In effect we now have 2 groups on the allotment. This is not what we planned or expected.

The result is that the small hutch that served as a duck house in the back garden has had to be taken to the allotment as a continuing home for them. They will however outgrow it shortly and we will have to build an additional duck house.

Other than the rejection by their parents, the ducklings do seem to be thriving on the allotment. They stick closely together as a group but wander around the plot, carefully avoiding the older ducks. On Thursday, the work on the pond will be completed and I'm rather looking forward to their using it.

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