Thursday, 18 July 2013

Well worth the wait!

hive frames July 13

It has been a long time in coming but at last, a honey crop has arrived. From just one hive today, I took 15 kg of honey in a super in which there were 10 full frames. This one hive has given me more than three times the entire honey crop we got last year. And there is more to come. I had a look at two other hives. The first has a super that is nearly full and will be ready to be gathered in next week.

The second hive was very weak earlier in the year and we were watching it carefully to see if it needed to be merged with another. Over the past few weeks we have watcehd as it grew stronger and more and more bees were flying in and out of it. 10 days ago, David put a super on it as we felt it was now strong enough to give us a honey crop. I had a quick look at it this afternoon and saw the super was full of bees and the comb was being drawn out.

The honey has been left in its honeycomb and put into 250g packs. We are running a community BBQ on Friday evening so the honey will go on sale then.

We will be doing a full check of the hives this weekend but it looks like we should get a reasonable honey crop this year.

honey in comb July 13

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