Monday, 8 July 2013

Restoring the pond

Last week, the work on the pond on the allotment was completed. This was at times a messy and smelly job. Firstly I had to use a bucket to remove the water and then use the same bucket to remove the thick layer of mud from the bottom.

pond Jul 13 3

The sides were banked up to increase the depth and one side was extended further to increase the surface area.

pond Jul 13 1

Had this been 2012, we would have filled the pond with rainwater. Since we have immaculately timed this to coincide with a period of dry weather and sun, we have had to fill the pond with mains water.

pond Jul 13 4

This picture was taken before the pond was fully filled (you can see the hose pipe bottom left) but already the ducks have rediscovered the pond. Alas, the ducklings are yet to find it. The pond was extended to ensure there was sufficient space for them but at the moment they are sticking to the other side of the allotment. I may have to help them discover it.

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