Friday, 26 August 2016

Chopping down a tunnel of hawthorn

hawthorn hedge Aug 16 2

The community garden at the Whinnies in Sunniside (we rent our allotment from them) has what is effectively a tunnel of 2 hedgerows of hawthorn, some of which is 4-5 metres high. It hasn't been cut back for as long as people can remember. In this unmanaged state, the trees are blocking light to allotments and gardens. So I have come to an agreement that I will gradually cut down the branches and reduce the height of the hedge down to under 2 metres. The advantage for the community garden is that it will save them hundreds of pounds as they won't need to get a contractor. The advantage for me is a good supply of food for the goats and firewood. Everyone is happy!

I've made a start though it waits to be seen if I get through the job before the autumn sets in. Once the leaves are gone, what's left to do waits until next year (and bird nesting could delay completion further).

hawthorn hedge Aug 16 1

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