Thursday, 25 August 2016

Cutting back in Whickham

Whickham car park Aug 16 (1)

As part of my contribution to Planting Up Whickham, 2 years ago I cleared this corner of the car park behind Whickham Library of the feral ash trees and shrubs that had taken over and were partly blocking the neighbouring path. After 2 years, the vegetation had returned. Over the weekend, I returned to cut it back again. I spotted other areas around the edge of the car park that need doing. I'll be back! In the meantime, my goats enjoyed the ash leaves.

Whickham car park Aug 16 (2)

feeding ash to goats Aug 16


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jonathanwallace said...

Can I just remind people that if they are going to make sneering and inaccurate comments about me on my blog, they should at least do so without hiding behind the cowardly wall of anonymity?