Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Using ricotta in lasagne

lasagne Aug 16 (1)

This lasagne was for dinner last night (and will be finished tonight). It is not an entirely self-sufficient meal as the vegetarian mince and the pasta was acquired from a supermarket. However it was a bit of an experiment for us in using up ricotta made from our goats milk.

The experiment worked so we will be making it again but will make the pasta ourselves and we will be using beef mince we got from a local farm as part of a swap.

lasagne Aug 16 (2)


Anonymous said...

It looks delicious. With so much milk to use up, you may have to get a lot of kittens or a couple of pigs. They do well with milk in their mash.

Anonymous said...

For environmental and health reasons, I have given up grain so instead of lasagna, I make a casserole of the stuffing (beef, veg in tomato sauce) then top with cheese. That way it's all home grown. SFT