Monday, 31 October 2016

Another big project

overgrown allotment Oct 16 (4)

For the past couple of years we have rented a derelict allotment from the Whinnies but not yet got round to using it. The plot is large but has not been used for decades. The hawthorn hedge along one side is around 6 metres tall. We took it on because we initially wanted it for the goats. Our plan then changed and we kept the goats on the main allotment. We now have a plan for this other site (we call it the Far Allotment). We are going to remove our soft fruit plants from the main allotment where they are losing the war of attrition with the goats and transplant them to the used site.

I've already started cutting back the hedge but the ground needs to be dug over to remove the weeds. Lots to do. The photos were taken about a month ago. You can see the scale of the job.

overgrown allotment Oct 16 (3)

overgrown allotment Oct 16 (1)

overgrown allotment Oct 16 (2)

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