Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bread making

loaves of bread Jan 13

There are some foods that we will probably not be able to grow ourselves, or at least produce in sufficient quantities (unless we are able to get a modest amount of additional land). Wheat is one of these. So our flour supply has to be bought. Later this year we will be having a go at making flour from acorns and potatoes but at the moment, our source of flour is the supermarket.

We have, however, implemented a new rule. Buying bread, biscuits and cakes is no longer allowed. If we want a slice of bread, or a cake or biscuit with our tea, we have to make them ourselves. So, yesterday was a baking day for me. I didn't make any biscuits or cakes but I did make 2 large loaves of bread and 10 bread rolls. They are glazed with one of our own eggs. I'm rather pleased with the results.

bread rolls Jan 13

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cripplewing said...

They look delicious! I can almost smell them.I have been baking as well. I am very interested in your acorn experiment and look forward to seeing how you fair...I hope you video your results.