Saturday, 26 January 2013

Scotch eggs

scotch eggs Jan 13

When we got the meat back from our Tamworth pig in October, nearly all of it went into the freezer. Only in the past week have I got round to using any of the sausage meat and the photo above shows the results. I made 6 scotch eggs. All the eggs were from our own hens and the onions I added to the sausage meat were grown on a neighbouring allotment. We traded eggs for them. Alas, I did add apple to the sausage meat but they came from the supermarket. We had an apple crop failure last year so we had no choice in the matter. We knew a few people who had managed to get fruit from their trees and had previously traded with them for apples. Alas, the apple barrel is now empty.

So, this was a mainly but not entirely self-sufficient meal.

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