Saturday, 12 January 2013

Storage space

In setting off on our mission to become self-sufficient, we overlooked the issue of storage space. Now that we have developed our poultry and beekeeping mini ventures, the problem of adequate storage space has become more acute. Had we had decent sized crops last year to store through the winter (the rotten weather ensured we didn't), we would now be at crisis point. Even without the problem of storing our crops, we are currently climbing over sacks of hen food and boxes of empty jam jars just to get into the garage. A solution is, however, on its way.

Last week we bought a shed and it was delivered flatpack, along with a base, on Thursday. The base was painted with preservative today and we will take it over to the allotment tomorrow and assemble it. Hopefully within the next week or so, the shed will be assembled as well.

We have noticed that the lack of storage space is actually holding us back. 2013 is to be the big push to become as near self-sufficient as possible. Therefore, getting that shed constructed has to be a top priority for us.


cripplewing said...

Are you going to store chicken feed at your allotment? You might want to store in metal bins to avoid rodent damage.The shed is a good idea, mine in full and it didn't take long.

Jonathan Wallace said...

All the chicken food on the allotment is in metal bins but we will have to get more when the shed is built and the stores in the garage are moved over.