Saturday, 19 January 2013

Work grinds to a halt

We had over 5cm of snow overnight to add to what was already on the ground from earlier this week. We are not as badly affected as other parts of the country but no outdoor work can take place this weekend, other than feeding the poultry and cleaning out the hen and duck houses. I took the following photos on the allotment this morning.

allotment snow Jan 13 1

The chicken run. Normally the hens wander far and free but today they are staying put in the chicken run, other than Bourbon, one of our ginger nut rangers, who wandered off to eat the duck food on the far side of the allotment:

allotment snow Jan 13 11

allotment snow Jan 13 13

The ducks however are happy to wander.

allotment snow Jan 13 4

Three of the beehives under snow.

allotment snow Jan 13 10

The roof of the fruit cage has collapsed.

allotment snow Jan 13 8

The pond and the polytunnel. The ice was 3cm thick on the pond.

allotment snow Jan 13 3

The greenhouse: remarkably nothing has frozen inside.

allotment snow Jan 13 2

This is where we would have been working this weekend if there had been no snow. Our new shed is to be built on this plot and the rest will be used for growing potatoes. The ground needs to be prepared. We have lots of manure to go on it, but that too is hidden under snow.

And finally, teasles in the snow:

allotment snow Jan 13 7

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cripplewing said...

Yikes it looks like winter has come to your allotment!Never mind it does look pretty as well. lol