Wednesday, 16 January 2013

From duckling to duck

ducks in snow Jan 13 2

ducks in snow Jan 13 3

ducks in snow Jan 13 1

The ducklings we got in September are now fully grown. They aren't laying yet though the two point-of-lay khaki campbells we also got last year are producing eggs. One lays every day, the other on a more occasional basis.

The above photos were taken yesterday in the snow. Three of the ducklings have grown into ducks (none laying yet) but the magpie is a drake and, sadly for him, he will be appearing on our dinner table in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

Golden 300 hybrid layer ducks are great egg layers there hard to find in England but hatching eggs can be brought efowl and shipped to the uk and I think once there hatched there auto sexing