Sunday, 6 January 2013

Three new hens

Yesterday we added three new hens to our flock: two are rhode rocks and one is a columbine.

new hens Jan 13 1

new hens Jan 13 3

They have settled in well and spent yesterday and today wandering about the allotment and eating. We have experienced no problems getting them to go into the henhouse in the evening. There have been a few scraps with some of the other hens but this always happens when new hens are added to an established flock. A new pecking order will establish itself.

We got three as that henhouse has a capacity for 10 but we had only seven living in it. Our other henhouse has no spare capacity. It brings our total of hens to 17.

Meanwhile, I snapped the shot below this afternoon. These are some of our older hens. They sometimes congregate next to the hedge and preen themselves. They particularly like it when the sun is on the spot. And over the past few days, sun is, remarkably, what we have been getting.

new hens Jan 13 2

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