Saturday, 12 January 2013

Duck egg and broccoli flan

Duck egg and broccoli flan Jan 13

Our egg mountain continues to grow, despite my best efforts to supply family and friends. I decided on  a radical solution to clearing the pile of duck eggs last night. I made a couple of duck egg and broccoli flans. My confession is that the broccoli was not grown by us and neither did we swap for it. With so many crops lost to the weather last year, we had to make a trip to the shops and buy some foods for the Christmas dinner to supplement what we had produced ourselves. The broccoli was not used up over Christmas and was unlikely to last much longer. To avoid food waste, it went into the flans.

I blanched the broccoli before adding it to the flan cases. I then added 8 beaten duck eggs to each flan. That got rid of the duck egg pile and will provide us with lunch for a few days.

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cripplewing said...

That quiche looks delicious! Better to use the broccoli than waste it....