Wednesday, 30 January 2013

In preparation for our roast lamb

As we now have taken delivery of lamb joints, chops and offal, in exchange for some of our Tamworth pork, I decided some rosemary jelly would be useful. I've just finished making it. 4 and a half jars of jelly are now sitting in the kitchen cooling. Most of the rosemary that went into it was dried. I found a jar of our dried rosemary in our spice cupboard so I added the whole of it. I also took a few fresh twigs from the rosemary bush in our back garden and added that as well. This all may appear to be overdosing on rosemary but my experience is that you need a good amount in the pan with the apples to make sure the flavour comes through.

All we have to do now is roast one of our legs of lamb. That, alas, has to wait for another week. Tomorrow I head to London for a few days so home cooking is on hold until I'm back.


elfriide tramm said...

how do you make rosemary jelly?

Jonathan Wallace said...

Here's the video I shot a couple of years ago about how to make it: