Monday, 7 January 2013

Egg numbers

We had 11 eggs today from our hens. I had to go back through our records to find that it was October when we last had that many eggs in one day. One of today's eggs was laid by one of our new hens though we are not sure which one in particular. Over the past few months the yield has been down as the hens have been moulting. Typically in December we were getting about 6 eggs a day. Since New Year's Day, yields have gone up.

The hens laid 2145 eggs in total in 2012. The ducks came in with a more modest 94 eggs though only 2 of them are laying and they only started in October. At some point soon, we will hatch some of the duck eggs in our new incubator, but that is for later in the year.

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Anonymous said...

we only have 5 chickens and not had any eggs for a while now. hopefully now the days are starting to get longer they may start laying again