Sunday, 6 October 2013

A great day for self-sufficiency trading

trout Oct 13

Yesterday was a great day for trading without a single penny having to change hands! My first swap was with a soap maker. She bought some of my honey recently to use in her soap but on Saturday I gave her a kilo of pork fat from our Tamworth pig. I'm looking forward to taking delivery of some of the honey soap.

The second swap was for emough hay to fill my land rover and trailer plus 20kg of grapes we picked from the vine. I had to go to Crook in southern Co Durham for this and I "paid" for it with jam, jelly and lemon curd. The grapes will be made into wine.

My 3rd swap was for four fresh trout, caught on Saturday morning. They cost a bale of hay, some eggs and a few jars of jam. 3 of the fish have gone into the freezer and the fourth will be used for dinner tomorrow.


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Sol said...

I love swapping and bartering. It is hard though as many people seem resistant.