Monday, 14 October 2013

Taking the goats for a walk

Goat Oct 13 3

A couple of times recently we have allowed the goats out of their paddick. On the first occasion we took them for a walk - as far as the next allotment! One end of the allotment is currently unused so the tenant of it has allowed us to fence off part of it for a few weeks. We walked the goats there on tethers recently and allowed them to enjoy eating the weeds.

goat Oct 13 2

Yesterday I tethered the goats to the tree beside the shed on our allotment. They thoroughly enjoyed being able to climb over the fence onto the small strip of wooded embankment that leads down to the neighbouring gardens. The big test comes shortly when we take them to Dad's allotment where we want them to eat the brambles that have taken over one side of the plot.

goat Oct 13 1

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