Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pumpkin pies and soup at the Allotment Cafe

pumpkin lantern Oct 13

On Sunday we will be running our monthly Allotment Cafe at Marley Hill Community Centre and with Halloween coming up, pumpkins will be featuring on the menu. We will be serving up pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie as well as our usual Tamworth pork burgers, full cooked breakfast (which includes our Tamworth bacon and our free range eggs) and sandwiches. And today I found a local baker who is bringing along her Halloween cakes, sweets and chocolate apples.

pumpkin soup Oct 13
(Pumpkin soup)

pumpkin pie Oct 13
(pumpkin pie)

The pies and soup above were made from one pumpkin which weighed 22kg. We have used only a small amount of the pumpkin flesh and we still have another three pumpkins of a similar size to use up. I suspect we will be having lots of pumpkin curries, cakes, soups, pies and just about anything else you can think of over the coming weeks and months!

pumpkin Oct 13 3

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elfriide tramm said...

btw, i recently discovered one more way to make pancakes from pumpkin.

latelty i have been made pancakes like this:
mash 1 banana
mix with 2 eggs
and thats it!
(sometimes add 1 tblsp of coconut flour, sometimes not)
make pancakes :)

once i wanted to have these pancakes but i didn't have any bananas at home. but i had steamed pumpkin instead. so i substituted banana and made a pancakes of:
2 eggs
some steamed/baked pumpkin.

and they turned out well. next time i added 1 tblsp of coconut flour (we do not eat grains) and it was also ok.
delicious just like that or with honey or jam.