Monday, 14 October 2013

Digging up the spuds

clearing the potato bed Oct 13

We are picking our potatoes late this year, but there again, due to the late end to winter, they were planted late as well. On our main allotment, we planted a large bed with potatoes but to keep the hens off, we covered the bed with hawthorn branches. This worked well but it meant we could not get on to the bed ourselves. The result - lots of weeds! So this weekend, the process of digging up the potatoes started with the removal of the branches and weeding the patch. For the hens and ducks it was as if Christmas had arrived early (I may avoid using that term next year as we are planning to keep turkeys!) There was a feeding frenzy as worms and bugs came to light.

Most of the potatoes are still in the ground. Today has seen the wettest weather for some time so digging will have to take place later this week.

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