Thursday, 3 October 2013

The final honey crop

This week we got in the final honey crop of the year. We took off two more supers of honey. One has already gone through the honeypress. The other is in it now. It means our kitchen is a bit crowded at the moment and inevitably things get sticky. We have a large bucketful of squeezed honeycomb which I need at some point to put through the wax extractor (I already have a soap maker wanting some of it). Some of the honey will go to the Lanchester Country Market on Saturday where it will be sold for us, though we have to put the Country Market's branding on it. The Country Market is a cooperative which grew out of the Women's Institute. I believe it became a separate organisation about 20 years ago. Membership costs are not onerous - 5p a person. However, they have strict rule on hygiene and I had to send them a copy of my food hygiene certificate before I was allowed to take part.

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