Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Blackberry whiskey

I made this last night and hopefully, like the other fruit spirits I have made, should be ready for Christmas.

I also posted up on my personal blog ( this morning that I had made blackberry whiskey and got the comment from one of my readers that he hoped I wasn't illegally distilling whiskey. Alas, this is very much the opposite. I had to buy a bottle of the cheapest whiskey I could get (Sainsbury's own brand for just under £9). Frankly I wouldn't know how to distill spirits if my life depended on it.

So here we are, my blackberry whiskey recipe:
400g blackberries
100g white sugar
70cl bottle of cheap whiskey

Add the blackberries and sugar to a pickling jar (I leave it to your own judgement as to whether or not to mash up the blackberries but like most soft fruit you probably won't need to)

Pour in the whiskey

Close lid and give it a shake

Leave to stand for 3 months shaking occasionally to dissolve the sugar and help the blackberry juice infuse the whiskey.

Once the three months are up, strain and bottle the liquid. It is of course now ready to drink.

Use the whiskey sodden fruit pulp as a topping for ice cream or a pudding of some sorts - well it does seem a shame to throw it away - waste not want not.

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miketually said...

I've a bottle of Famous Grouse that I can't bring myself to drink and the local blackberries are starting to ripen, so I'll have to give this a go.