Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sloe Gin

Tales from the freezer number one: I picked a carrier bag ful of sloes in October last year but ran out of time to make sloe gin and sloe jelly. So the bag went into the freezer. This weekend saw a general sort through of the contents of the freezer and we decided it was time to use some of the sloes. We are not sure this will work having left the sloes in the freezer for so long, but here goes anyway.

Recipe for sloe gin:

500g sloes

125g ordinary sugar

handful of blanched almonds

75cl bottle of cheap gin

  • Prick the sloes with a needle (this allows the juice to escape into the gin)

  • Add sugar to a pickling jar

  • Add sloes to pickling jar

  • Use a rolling pin to lightly crush the almonds then add them to the jar

  • Pour in the gin

  • Seal and shake

  • Leave to stand for about 3 - 6 months, occasionally shaking to ensure sugar is fully dissolved.

You can strain it and bottle it. I think it's more fun to leave in the jars.

Photos: David pours the gin and the pickling jar ready for sealing.

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