Saturday, 2 August 2008

It's amazing what you find in the freezer

One of the themes of this blog is to look at ways of avoiding food waste. Well, here's a handy tip. Check through the contents of your freezer! We have just done so and it's amazing what you find. We went through our chest freezer today and found in there two large bags of rhubard from years ago. We will probably avoid using it for jam but there will almost certainly be a number of rhubarb pies leaving the kitchen shortly.

The reason for looking through the freezer was to get out of it the bag of gooseberries I picked a couple of weeks ago (for making jam) and the bag of sloes I picked last year to make sloe gin. The sloes got put into the freezer as I ran out of time in October to do anything with them. I'll be writing about making sloe gin shortly.

And coming up soon will be the recipe for the gooseberry and raspberry jam I've just made, along with the video!

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