Sunday, 17 August 2008

Peas and beans

Just back from a couple of hours of weeding on the allotment. We have a good crop of peas and beans some of which we picked. Yesterday we harvested some of our courgettes as well. Seems as though we are getting a good crop.

Nearly all our carrots however have died off. We're not sure what's happened to them. And the spuds don't seem to be dooing too well either. I suspect part of the patch we sowed with seed potatoes was too wet. We are thinking of putting in a pond on the wet patch. We have lots of frogs on the allotment so I'm sure they'll welcome a pond (and we want the frogs to stay as they eat lots of bugs). A pond would also be a useful way to store rainwater. We have no water supply on the allotment, though given the amount of rain we have had recently, we haven't had to do any watering for weeks. If it weren't for the rain, we would have to bring water over.

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