Sunday, 31 August 2008

Some crops we thought had failed

There were a few crops on the allotment we thought had failed: cauliflowers and potatoes. But as it turns out, they're not as bad as we thought.

The cauliflowers have not been great but at least they have grown. A couple of weeks ago, we were about to write off the whole lot. No caulis in sight. But now we have some. Not the best examples in the world, but okay for a first attempt.

We thought we had lost the whole potatoe crop but we decided to dig it up anyway. And to our pleasant surprise, we started to dig up spuds! We have 3 varieties but I don't have them written down in front of me. Only one I can remember: sunrise. If I remember, I'll get the names of the other two varieties and post them up.

Meanwhile, something has been eating out peas. Possibly mice or squirrels. We can't say for definite.

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