Sunday, 31 August 2008

Some definite successes

We picked all the onions today. A good crops. Very pleased with them!

We picked a huge load of broad beans as well today. A bumper crop and definitely one we will grow again. We already had a load in the freezer. It took me an hour to shell the beans in the picture above (I sat watching a Columbo film in which William Shatner played the baddie whilst shelling the beans!)
The gherkins are also doing well. They are all being pickled. David found a pickling recipe so we'll post it up soon.

We used some of the broad bean pods picked through the week to make a vegetable stock. This was because, once the beans were removed, we had such a large pile of empty pods and it seemed a shame simply to put them on the compost heap without squeezing something else out of them. Hence the decision to make stock. David put a load of other vegetables into the stock as well, along with home grown rosemary and bay leaves (we have a glut of both).

After the stock was made, instead of throwing away the edible vegetables such as the carrots, onions and celery, David took them out of the stock mix and put them into a bag and then into the freezer. We can add other similarly used vegetables to the bag. We'll eventually use them to make a meal. It's better than throwing them onto the compost heap.

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