Sunday, 3 August 2008

Checking out the wild foods

We walked back home from the Gateshead Flower Show this morning, through Watergate Park and along the Tanfield Railway path from Fugar Bar to Sunniside. We wanted to have a look out for how the wild crops are going.

Rowan: coming along well with berries orange at the moment. It will be a couple of weeks yet before they have turned crimson.

Hazel: didn't see too many nuts growing on the trees we looked at so we could be in for a disappointing crop. However, I thought the same last year and I was still eating them in March!

Elder: berries are green at the moment. I was surprised to see the odd bit of elderflower still around.

Blackberries: looking set for a good crop.

Raspberries: largely past their best.

Wild strawberries: the last time I saw wild strawberries in Watergate was when the pit heaps were there over 15 years ago. We found a patch growing next to the footpath. They are past it for this year but now we know where they are, we'll be back in 2009!

Pears: the orchard at Fugar Bar is heading yet again towards a good crop.

Rose hips: plenty around but none are ripe at the moment.

Hawberries: as with the rose hips, plenty coming on but they are all still green.

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