Friday, 29 August 2014

A failed scotch egg experiment

I had a few hard boiled quail eggs left over from the pickling session earlier this week. Some went into salads but some were put aside to make into mini scotch eggs. We found 3 of our pork, apple and sage burgers in the freezer so we thawed them and used them as the casing of the scotch eggs. Alas, the results were not great. The casing split and was under cooked. In future, we need to bake them at a higher oven temperature (180C was the temperature tonight). And don't use burger meat. We think the breadcrumbs in the burger meat was part of the reason for their splitting. Instead, we will use our sausagemeat without any breadcrumbs added.

We live and learn. We also have lots of sausagemeat from our last pig so we will experiment again shortly.

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