Thursday, 28 August 2014

Greens for the chicks

I know some parents like to get their children started on eating greens at a young age, to avoid their developing fussy eating habits in later years. I apply the same rule to our month old chicks currently residing with adoptive mother Ginger in the Quailhouse. I try to ensure they get a handful of dandelion, dock and other green leaves each day. After all, they cost nothing and they have no food miles attached to them! We have not yet decided when to release the chicks from the quailhouse. They are still too young but as September looms, we will need to consider some target dates for letting them go free range and integrating them with our other hens. When that happens, they will be fed with the others and will be able to partake of the sack of green weeds I pick for them most days.

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