Monday, 18 August 2014

Beef mince

A few weeks ago we swapped some of our Tamworth pork for some beef with a local farm that has a pedigree cattle herd. The beef is top quality and was something that was previously missing from our diet. The exchange has given us the opportunity to have beef again though it is something we consume only sparingly. Firstly, the exchange rate of beef is high - so we need to pay more pork to get beef. Secondly, even with ethically raised pedigree herds of the highest quality, there is still an impact on the environment of beef production that is worse than most other meat. So, beef will be consumed but only on rare occasions. That way we enjoy it more when we do have it.

Over the weekend, we got one of the packs of beef mince out of the freezer and after defrosting it, we added some chopped veg (mainly veg that was traded with other people for our jam). The enjoyable result is in the picture below.

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