Sunday, 17 August 2014

Quail egg production goes back up

When we planned the building of the quailhouse, our research found a number of people saying that quails are more productive when kept in cages rather than larger aviaries of the sort we wanted to build. We decided to continue anyway. Our self-sufficiency lifestyle is not all just about maximum food production. It is also about how we produce food. We wanted our birds to have more room, be outdoors and have an earth floor for dust bathing. We would take a drop in egg production on the chin.

Sure enough, once the birds had been transferred into the quailhouse, production dropped from the normal 13 eggs a day (we have 13 quail hens so they were working at maximum capacity) to about 10. But on Friday and Saturday we were back to 13. Yesterday's eggs are in the photo above, along with some of our hen eggs. Admittedly we were down to 12 today but it does mean the birds are working close to capacity again whilst enjoying the benefits of being in better accommodation.

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Anonymous said...

Have watched your videos now and then on youtube for a good while now. Very much enjoying your blog as well. I've not yet come across a politician that I have liked though I believe that is over now. While we do not know each other personally, I can tell through this blog and your videos, that you are a newer breed. We need more like you, we really do. Thanks ever so much for sharing so much about self suff in suburbia.