Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Apples and pears

When it comes to picking free food, I don't miss an opportunity. Last week I was on holiday in North Wales, staying with friends in a town called Penmaenmawr. In their garden they had one pear and one apple tree. They said they were not planning to pick any of the fruit but said I could take what I wanted. I did! A bag of pears and a very large bag of apples went into the boot of my car for the journey home. I am looking for pear recipes as they won't last long. The apples will be eaten or used to make preserves.

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Dancing Lemurs said...

You could preserve the pears (either in syrup or syrup-and-liqueur). I've seen a recipe for pear and cinnamon "preserve" that I liked the look of (no idea where I saw it though).