Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Forest fruit jelly

Rowan is out in force at the moment and there are also lots of rosehips. So I have invented "forest fruit jelly" to use them up. Into the mix went some windfall apples I collected recently.

I used roughly equal quantities of rowan, apple and rosehips and boiled them in the preserving pan.

The liquid was strained off, measured and reboiled.

1kg of sugar was added for each litre of liquid, brought back to the boil and then kept on a rolling boil until the setting point was reached.

The final product is a beautiful golden red jelly.


Magratmadcat said...

Looks lovely! What will you do with the leftover mush? Is it compost bound, or would your goats or chooks go through it?

Jonathan Wallace said...

The hens loved it as it was full of seeds, especially from the rosehips.