Saturday, 30 August 2014

Busy bees and a sack load of honeycomb

I tidied up the shed today so that I could create space to store the animal feed that I needed to move out of the toolshed we were using as an animal feed store (the tool shed has since gone into the goat paddock as an extra shelter). In the shed was some honeycomb from a dead bee colony. I put it into a large paper sack and a bucket to take it away to extract the honey and beeswax. Alas, the bucket was removed immediately but when I returned to collect the sack, I found it heaving with bees from our existing hives. They were robbing it bare. As it has been a warm, sunny day, the bees have been out in force after the two week cold spell we have suffered. It was only this evening, after sundown, when I was able to move the sack. We will process the honeycomb shortly.

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