Friday, 29 August 2014

Making bramble jelly

I picked half a bucket of blackberries this afternoon so that I could make one of my favourite preserves - bramble jelly. As blackberries contain little pectin, apples are needed to set the jelly. I have used the peel and cores from the apples I used to make the redcurrant, rhubarb and apple jam I made earlier this week. I also had a few small apples left from the sackful I brought back from Wales. They all went into the preserving pan as well. Two hours later, the blackberries and apples had pulped down and were put into a jelly bag to drain them. Tomorrow I will boil up the liquid to make the jelly. The pulp will be pressed through a sieve and the resulting fruit puree will be added to the sweet mince we will make shortly. What doesn't go through the sieve will go to the hens - they love the pips and seeds.

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