Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ducklings moved to the allotment

The two ducklings that hatched last month have now been moved to the allotment. We thought they would be young enough to adopt one of the older ducks as a mother but instead, they have kept themselves to themselves. They have however taken well to the allotment and quickly found the sources of food and water.

They have also discovered the pond in their wanderings and have used it quite extensively. We are housing them overnight in the spare duck house rather than in the netted duck run where all the other ducks spend the night. It is warmer and sheltered (obviously) but in a few weeks, when they are much bigger, we will aim to get them to adopt the duck run as their night time accommodation. With a bit of luck they will join up with one of the other groups of ducks.

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Tiny Allotment said...

We have been thinking of introducing Ducks to our allotment and was wondering if they eat you veg. We were considering Indian Runners

Tiny Allotment