Sunday, 12 October 2014

Rendering pork fat

The fat on the pork joint we used recently was not to be wasted. I rendered it by putting it into a baking tray, with some water and then heating it gently until the water had evaporated. Some of the fat liquifies and this can be strained off through a sieve. The process is repeated a number of times until there is virtually no fat left. It is stored in bowls in the fridge.

I searched the freezer before rendering the fat and found some bags of pork fat and bacon rind. They have been frozen awaiting the day they were to be rendered.

I'll be doing some baking soon, making traditional game and pork pies, so some of the fat will be used then.

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Christine Williams said...

Please write up a post on your pork pies! Yum. I have also just learnt a new skill. Rendering pork fat. Thanks for the tips!